Thursday, 10 July 2014

Product Review 2 by zamalianashoppe

Product : Tofu whitening Cream

Cathy doll Tofu whitening cream -back to the originally pure, clear and bright skin with abundant nutrient extract from natural soy bean, yogurt , royal jelly and soy oi

tofu ni wangi gile, macam nak mkn.. memang best tofu whitening ni.. ni bukan yg ni je ada, ada lagi
tofu mask, tofu body cleanser, tofu bodu puding.. ni smua set

comelkan, yang mana belum try lagi, meh kita cuba product cathydoll.. macam2 ada product cathydoll ni , visit lah instragram n facebook pages qish.. yang banyak gambar di Instragram. kadan2 uploade gmbar dalm FB pages..

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